Samuel Ulric Betts

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I AM Samuel Ulric Betts Esq

Samuel Ulric Betts is legal practitioner attached to the law firm of Macauley, Bangura & Co, one of Sierra Leone’s leading law firms. He practices corporate, commercial and civil law.  

With over ten (10) plus years as a software developer and technology consultant, he carries over a wealth of both technical experience and legal knowledge in technology, copyright, intellectual property, data and information laws.

Samuel also possesses expertise and legal knowledge in Sierra Leonean Customary Land Law and how it applies and or impacts foreign direct investments, relationship between landowners, chiefdom councils and lessors or investors and broadly the application, use and practice of Sierra Leone customary land law.

With avid interest in corporate and commercial law, his current practice spans over a number of intricate corporate matters including but not limited to legal compliance, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, e-commerce and international transactions, corporate client advisory and legal opinion.

He stands for what the law preaches : Equality, Equity and Justice.

Samuel aims to harness the advancement in technology and artificial intelligence in aiding and improving legal client service delivery  and satisfaction in law firms in Sierra Leone.

Samuel is also pioneering a move of digitizing public records making them freely accessible thereby improving the efficiency of public systems and databases.

When he is not actively practicing, he wears an entrepreneural hat in the decision-making seat of Ingle Technologies (SL) Limited, a company co-founded in 2020. He oversees, directs and collaborates on numerous tech-related projects and opportunities.

With an extensive background in technology, design and software development, he is also the pioneer of the Legal Hub, a platform where lawyers and clients meet and interact about the law and issues governed by the law.

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